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About Us


About Us

We provide only experienced and qualified staff for the operation of the Services - ESNAD.

ESNAD is a leading company, it has a number of departments, each dealing with the appropriate type of activity that its specialized in, the total manpower ranging from 45 to 65 on permanent basis and the number can be as big as 200 employees teamed up as and when required depends on the work load.

Our company has many joint and consortium agreements with local and overseas companies working in Libya. ESNAD has achieved an excellent position as contractor and provider of technical procurement and services thanks to:

  • Project management and supervision by highly qualified and in-house technical expertise.
  • Sourcing of local inputs at the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • Through knowledge of local conditions and regulations, and their requirements and impact on doing business in Libya.
  • Availability of the highest levels of expertise in the legal and accounting professions.
  • The high quality of workforce available to ESNAD, both in-house and through external resources.
  • Our own heavy machines, equipment’s and fleet of transport vehicles.
  • Our close ties and excellent relationships with many international contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.

ESNAD provides only experienced and qualified staff for the operation of the Services. We have the ability to restructure and adapt quickly our operational mode to meet the ever-changing situational requirements of our client. The management style of ESNAD is one of a close working relationship with the client to enable us to realize and ensure total satisfaction is achieved.

ESNAD recognizes its responsibility in relation to legislative, client, and internal compliance. Our management system is efficient and simple, containing policies, procedures, work instructions to ensure a smooth streamlined operation that adheres to all relevant laws, standards, and regulations.





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